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Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
I did try, several times, and in increasing levels of detail. You still don't see it, that's your problem. Of course, you could just be leading me on and making me feed you, in which case shame on me for going along with it so long. Most other people here understood where I was coming from after the first or second post.
No, you didn't. I'm asking if anyone here can show me how LucasArts show desperation by creating a Deak Starkiller skin. Nobody, specially you, who made that accusation, have managed to explain it.

Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
Yeah, they knew they were going to receive the Deak skin. What they didn't know is that they could get it with the regular edition as well. I did say that. Now I don't care if you're ignoring that point on purpose or are just not capable of grasping it, but I'm done with it.
Yes, they didn't knew it was exclusive, but that has nothing to do with what we are discussing here. You keep hitting a straw man. But I see that you understood very well what I said before. You don't like it. Some people actually do like it and bought the collector's edition knowing this skin will be available for them to play, and you say that LucasArts is desperate just because they made a skin you don't like. Simple as that.

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