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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
F*** me, I wish my damn graphics card supported pixel shading... Those models look SO DAMN COOL!
Oh, wow. Thanks! I tried.
Working on v1.2 now..remodeling a few and tweaking textures and such. I have gotten so much better at modeling and skinning in the last couple of weeks (for sabers at least, im clueless about everything else.)

Pixel shading? I think i know what that means...i just have an old nvidia 9400gt 1gig video card.

Anyhoo,..Ive also done the double bladed saber hilts that never made it into HOTOR 1.1, I'll have those seperately and in HotOR 1.2.
Think lots of burlap, canvas, and sandstone textures..and something that resembles copper or bronze.

HotOR double-bladed hilts for TSL:


Ok, just a little update..Got some pics of the double bladed replacement hilts and now Visas Marr, Disciple and Qui-Don Jorn have new models but I forgot to get a pic of the last two...


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