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Originally Posted by Endorenna View Post
Actually, she's improved a lot. See the last episode, where she was fallable and made mistakes. Frankly, now that she's growing past the "precocious child" stage, she's a lot less of a Mary Sue than Anakin is.
I hated here when she was introduced, but her character has improved a lot and is far from the Mary Sue she once was, and certainly is nothing like Starkiller in that respect.

Originally Posted by adamqd
I'm guessing you haven't seen the last 3 episodes? wow... the mandalorian trilogy that just aired is the most boring badly written drivel I have ever experienced, even the "I Love it whether its good or bad cus I love George" crowd are disowning this season
Nope, I'm at around episode 17 of season 2. So maybe it takes a nosedive later, but I liked Season 2 overall. Flaws aside, I just like seeing Anakin portrayed as the hero we heard about in the OT and his interaction with Kenobi. Plus there is a lot less of the battledroid silliness, etc.

Originally Posted by adamqd
but for the Record there is no quality Star Wars Coming from anyone but Del Rey and Dark Horse atm. Lucusarts and Lucasfilm/animation are tearing away what little dignity this franchise has left.
I'm a huge DH fan, and picked up the first issue of Knight Errant. Looks good so far! Del Rey I find hit or miss. Mostly miss post-RotJ.

Originally Posted by adamqd
Lets see what they do with Quinlin Vos on the 12th, I'll let you know if I've thrown all my Comics away or not.
Well, whatever happens in the show I'll always cherish the Republic comics. They will always stay in my personal canon.

Originally Posted by captmorgan72 View Post
Now this mystery if Starkiller is really Galen or a clone.
I thought it was already confirmed in the game when you do the achievements or whatever they are called that he is a clone?

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