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I can settle from 1945 - 50 and about the idea of human rights for various groups. If you want to look at it that way there is always somebody being attacked, a group of people here or a religious sect there. From about 1789 - 1864 the Blacks were being abused for a Slave Labor Force which I agree was a very bad decision for any establishment, the enslavement of one group for the profits of another. But then it was the average worker from 1865 - about mid 1940s, then it was the Communist from the 1940s - 50s, and I really can't go on from there because of all the groups being attacked. But today it seems that Whites, Christians, and Jews are being attacked.

Every group has their struggles and it's up the them to fix them. Martin Luther King Jr was a great man because he figured out that the key to making a difference is to do it peacefully and not play into the hands of the establishment. Government regulation (for once I agree with the Feds) helped the average worker have a more secure job. The Communists just ran out of the states or hid underground.

I can agree with you on some things but overall I think that 1940s were the high times of American History.

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Quoted for every well spent word.

...old rich white men not wanting to pay their taxes.

Critical thinking....
Sure is funny how every Senator wants to increase taxes on the working class but every time you hear about tax fraud it's a Senator trying to hold onto his/her tax money.

Critical thinking - Touche. That's truly the only way to figure things out but you have to admit that critical thinking eventually draws you back to common sense...

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