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Originally Posted by harIII View Post
How can you say America has had no history. We have had the longest lasting Constitution in World History (221 Years), we defeated the world super power when we really shouldn't have (American Revolution), and we along with help from England, Russia, and others put an end to Nazi tyranny (WWII). How can you possibly say America doesn't have history?
He can say that quite easily, he is a Brit! Much more history over there, I must admit. Or he's just bitter about losing the colonies (wonk wonk). <riiiiiiight>

Really though, I was interested in a non 'Merkins view of what would constitute the "Golden Age" of US history.... I think honestly most would say there was none. Too brief, highs and lows all over the map. America is great for what it is, not what it was. For now, at least...

There are a million Golden Moments in US History, more than our time on the map would normally accumulate, so that is something. But then, there is Andrew Jackson, or George W, or Teddy the Lion Killer.

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