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Originally Posted by deesnyder View Post
Or, The player character is the real starkiller.BTW i really preffered kota calling him Galen...
Yeah it was either slip-up or them telling us that the player is the real Starkiller.

Originally Posted by Prime View Post
I thought it was already confirmed in the game when you do the achievements or whatever they are called that he is a clone?

Then here's the thing that has them telling us that the player is a clone.

My little theory is that if he's not a clone, then the player character was the "real Starkiller" from the picture and Vader was showing the Dark Clone what he was supposed to hate. Then after that Vader revived Starkiller somehow like he did in the first game and that's where TFU2 begins.

Not sure if I was clear but don't hate, I'm just giving a suggestion of a possible scenario.

"All too easy."
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