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Originally Posted by StaindFlame View Post
I wonder if anyone has had the bug where you go to take the power canister out of the gun and it won't let you take it out? game breaking for me as I can't put the canister in the other gun to blast open the door to continue.
I did this to get past that bug from happening again even after restarting the level:

There is a room where you have to fight a wardroid and chronies, there will be a destroyed door on the other side of the room with the canister on the floor for the door on the left, now if you turn around the door you just came through will have a powered canister as well, destroy the enemies and take that one with you. This room is the last fight before you reach the elevator you have to force grip so make sure you have it with you before force gripping the elevator and dropping down, keep taking the canister to the room with all the cannons and stick it straight in and and power up the broken cannon, blow up door and run away from fight if too scared lol
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