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Originally Posted by harIII View Post
I am curious what the community has to say about how to correct the economic crisis that we are all in today not just in America but throughout the world,
Well if you want a long term solution with a really painful short term cost, tax imports from China. It'd bring some manufacturing back to the United States and stabilize the economy here.
how should we deal with the Terrorists,
M4A1, Barret .50 Cal, M9, and Predator Strike.[/MODERN WARFARE 2]

Oh, you meant in real life. Actually, predator strike works surprisingly well but has foreign relations issues. It depends on if we can get Pakistan to be okay with us sending missiles into their northwestern mountain territories.
and what can we as individuals do in order to reverse the times to go from the Dark Ages back to the Golden Age.
Like the others here, I'd say "Golden Age" is subjective depending on historical view. I'd actually agree with Qui-Gon in that we've had lots of "Golden Moments". The key, I think, would be for Americans to realize this because quite frankly the negativity in the Press and the political process has lowered America's view of itself (I get this feedback from a wide variety of people in online communities, where I live, and where I used to live).

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