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Originally Posted by harIII View Post
Gun Owning - Obama thinks that people who are afraid, keep guns close by, and God fearing are idiots and basically a bunch of chaotic people panicking.
Show me where he as stated any such thing.

Originally Posted by harIII View Post
Freedom Loving - I forgot which Senator said it but he said that about 95% of bills passed by Congress are unconstitutional.
Show me which Senator and I'll show you a idiot Senator.

Originally Posted by harIII View Post
Christian - Every religion in the world can go to a public school and do whatever they want such as Muslims asking for separate facilities because the ones they have are unclean while Christians are expected to fade away into the wood work.
No, they can not, at least not in America. If they want any one religion to be taught in an American school, then they can go to a private American school.

Originally Posted by harIII View Post
Conservative - Every media organization with the exception of Fox News has called me a racist, fear mongering, pathetic, violent, destructive, and a danger to society.
Links or it did not happen.

Originally Posted by harIII View Post
I don't know about you but I think I'm being attacked.
The only place I feel attacked is when people in the media or the public eye (especially FalseNews) make up stuff act as if it is fact.

I’m a white, straight, gun owning, male, freedom loving, financial conservative, social issues liberal who believes in the Constitution even when it goes against my personal believes; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion and freedom of speech even when someone burns the flag and I’m not under attack except when I listen to the talking heads from either side without using some common sense or rational thoughts to filter out their idiocies. Like saying they know what someone is thinking.

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