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1. Agreed that there are far few women to make it worth it, but you do get special dialogue options with it, so if you're more of a Speech type, then getting it is a good idea.
2. It increases the number of VAT points you get - so it's useful there. If you haven't got a lot of points in the Guns and Sneak skills, then AGL gives you bonuses in that direction. If you've already got them to 100, then it's useless.
3. You get to read some e-mails or messages that may contain quest-important information, stuff you'd otherwise have to acquire with Speech etc. There's also a bunch of checks across the game about it - like when you have revive a robot, for example.
4. There's a guy who managed to win the game without killing anyone, so it's definitely possible. You could always invest in Explosives and blast your way through. Melee/unarmed is difficult at first, but if you invest in it, you get some terrific weapons later.
5. Switch to unarmed and cross your fingers, or run as fast as your crippled legs can carry you.

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