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Originally Posted by harIII View Post
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this, how does it work?
Many jobs that go oversees end up there because it is cheaper for American corporations to employ foreign workers. This is because Americans enjoy a higher standard of living and thus they request higher wages than foreign workers. It makes it difficult for Americans to be competitive in the manufacturing industry. By taxing imports the government can draw income from the difference between imported goods and locally-produced goods. However, this would drive up prices for American consumers. The government could compensate by eliminating or reducing income taxes on Americans so they would have more money to spend. In time, corporations might end up deciding to bring those jobs back to the United States.

At least, that's the idea.
Originally Posted by Pavlos
I beg to differ, sir!

Or, if 1689's not your fancy: 1215
You cited a Bill of Rights, which is different from a Constitution. They are both technically legislature, but a Bill is an Act where as a Constitution is a Charter.

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