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There is one fallacy that always irks me whenever I hear it, though I know not what to call it.

Essentially it goes like this:

Person A says: "It was much better back in [insert years], everything's getting worse and worse, people had more common sense in the past."

And that's the fallacy.

Common sense never was more common in the past. Tribal warfare, feudalism, the dark ages, the crusades, racism, war over pointless things, civil rights... There were always criminals in the past too. I've heard all to many times how back in the past, you could leave your doors unlocked safely, unlike today. Not true. Crime was just as bad back in the 60's and other years as it is now, albeit in different ways.

There are no golden years, but it's never been that bad.

You'll find that if you take every single event in history into account, everything is a gray area, and there are almost no black and white/good vs evil contrasts.

Politicians today have a huge weight on their shoulders. Take anyone who fancies themselves an economy expert, and put them in the place of an influential politician, and I'd like to see them do a job any better than said replaced politician, whilst having to deal with lobbying, politics, and other annoying factors that would get in the way of the best possible solution to the given issues. As Achilles once told me, a lot of economic plans look good on paper, but don't really work too well in application.

But what do I know, I'm a super-idealistic optimist.

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