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I would run with all of your arguments but that would take far to long to do so I'll just do one and I feel that this one is the most important because it brings more of what I think out into open.

Originally Posted by Astor View Post
I hate to go into a downward spiral of 'News outlets are evil', but, noticing your avatar, is it not at all possible that this sense of being attacked is exacerbated by talking heads (From what I've seen, on both sides, I might add) that trade on fear and misinformation?
The avatar is kind of an inside joke between me and another forum member but either way Glenn Beck is my boy, I want to have it babies!!! I will admit media organizations on both sides get it wrong but to me I feel that Fox News is the one to have a better track record as far as being right. I can't verify this with others on Fox News but I know for a fact that if Glenn Beck said something false about a particular topic he'll come out and take back what he said once he realizes it's wrong while the New York Times will bury the subject in the back pages if they even acknowledge that they are wrong.
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