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What do Fox, CNN, and MSNBC (along with the other major news outlets) care about? Gaining viewership in order to sell more ad revenue to make more money for their companies and their shareholders. Unfortunately for those of us who like 'hard news' that is unfiltered and "un-spun", we're stuck with a lot of pseudo-news from both ends of the political spectrum as a result of this drive to increase ratings. People like drama, including in their news. The more drama and controversy there is (to a point), the more viewership/ratings go up, which makes the media outlets happy since they then can make more money. It's all about the dollar and what they can do to earn it, and providing hard unfiltered news doesn't cut the mustard anymore, unfortunately, for many viewers.

I watch or read both Fox and CNN. After reading or hearing the wording of both news outlets, I'm able to sift out the spin-crap and get enough of the facts to make up my own mind instead of having either group try to make it up for me.

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