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To solve one question the golden age or best years would be the 1920's. The problem with saying that it is the U.S. golden age is that you do not know the future of what will happen to the U.S. later on. That is the problem for all countries that still around today because they could end up having there actual golden age later on. There were no wars during this time unemployment and inflation were extremely low. The country was doing really good. This was the early period. If you say that there was a depression right at the end well in U.S. history there has always been downturn in the economy it use to come about every 10 or so years. Today it would be about every 6-10 years. The goal is to get out of the reccession not to prevent it from happening. You can predict about when a recession will occur within a economy. Not sure how it is for other countries though.

To solve the question about what we should decide what solutions there are for the world. Well for each country there are different solutions. Each economy is different in that they all have to be solved a different way. For example the United States could print money though they devalue the dollar but this solution could be done. This would be different from lets say Greece where they cannot print any money. There are many solutions out there that would work but some would not work out while others would work well but there is always a drawback. Just about all the solutions have a drawback to them. Some of them have drawbacks now or later while the solution is being used. Those decision that seem like they have no drawback could later on have a drawback later on. For example of this Social Security at first it seem like there was nothing wrong with until LBJ came to office and took money out of social security for Vietnam. Now social security is in huge trouble. A drawback could be from something that occurs later on within the country like this. Or it could be from a change in some other thing which will cripple any country. Unless you have a time machine and are the doctor I don't think anyone completely knows what a decision does to a country. This would only effect a long term decision not a short term one.

To solve the question about the New Media well all the news media have bias opinions no matter what you watch. They play to a crowd of people who come from the left or right. They do this to get there ratings up. I myself watch mainly Fox and CNN. I tend to conservative on about all issues. I am borderline Libertarian which are people who want no government control. I don't think that is true but I do think that a lot of government control should be eliminated.
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