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To solve one question the golden age or best years would be the 1920's. The problem with saying that it is the U.S. golden age is that you do not know the future of what will happen to the U.S. later on. That is the problem for all countries that still around today because they could end up having there actual golden age later on. There were no wars during this time unemployment and inflation were extremely low. The country was doing really good. This was the early period. If you say that there was a depression right at the end well in U.S. history there has always been downturn in the economy it use to come about every 10 or so years. Today it would be about every 6-10 years. The goal is to get out of the reccession not to prevent it from happening. You can predict about when a recession will occur within a economy. Not sure how it is for other countries though.
You're exactly right. For some reason politicians believe that if they enact a bill what just happened can never happen again. But the laws of economics are like the laws of nature, they cannot be altered, added, or removed; they are permanent. What happens to an an economy is that it rises, falls, and rises again. There's no way to prevent it from happening but what we can do is decide on how devastating it will be. That's when Capitalist and Communist split. We have the Depression of 1920 which lasted for about 3 years while the Great Depression lasted much longer because in my opinion of the policies that were used. 1920 had Capitalist while the Great Depression had, let's use a nice term, Progressives.
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