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Xan placed a hand on his head and let out a loud sigh. It looked like he would have to find Lyna the old fashion way. He could start with the planet where Sethos first fought Lyna. Then again there were two other planets he had in mind as well. First there was Ossus. This was the planet where the original Lyna had been killed. This was also the location of the "Ysanna Tribe" as Sethos had told him. Then there was Kamino; the last known location of the clone of Lyna.

He'd either have to deal with despressing kaminoians, or a saddened and mysterious tribe. He could try sympathizing with the tribe over the loss of Lyna...but how? He looked at Tandra, and then at Quaver. A large smile appeared on his face, even though no one could see it. He punched in the coordinates to Ossus.

"We're going to be paying a visit to the Ysanna tribe on Ossus. As her family members, I think you deserve to know what happened to her," Xan said to the two.

He was certain that Tandra would be confused by this statement, but he was also certain Quaver would get what he meant by that.
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