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""Making Common Sense Common Again"

Sorry for being this late but having read your first post and the thread thereafter, I'm still trying to figure out what you mean by "common sense" (which is, IMHO, something we all think we have while the "other" doesn't).

(blah blah blah Dark Ages back to the Golden Age.
I am still trying to understand this statement...what golden age?

Uhhh, there's a reason why I said the 1940s. The 1940s was the start of what we have today as far as how our society works, but people have taken our mechanics and turned it against us and that's why we are where we are today.
What is this answer supposed to mean? Maybe answering some preliminary questions would help? 1. Where are we today? 2. The 1940's? I am not from the US and can't quite figure where this one comes either... So please, enlighten me...I thought that civilization has started way before the 1940s and that regions of the world have evolved in very different ways and under many different cultures... 3. also, which "mechanics"? 4. Which Mechanics were turned against "us"? 5. How so? 6. Who is "we"?

But the problem with doing what Europe is doing is that we already are. For the most part, and I can't explain why, but usually things that happen in Europe will happen in America after a while.
Maybe my English is not good but I am still trying to figure what you meant here

If one country starts to sag down, it drags the rest of the world with it and visa versa. Greece I believe was the one to start this domino affect. They are experiencing a rebellion and tough financial problems and because of the economic connections countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, and others are about to collapse.
I admire your "saviness". But which "domino affect (sic)" are you talking about?...that the Grecian situation dragged the US into this financial crisis? How so? As we say in French, (without denying the Grecian mess), " c'est le monde a l'envers"... BTW, I found this book to be quite interesting:

I have never dug deep into what life was like for the average Joe but with what I do know I feel that the 1940s (with the exception of World War II) were America's Golden Years.
How about doing some research instead of guessing or "feeling"?

would run with all of your arguments but that would take far to long to do so
How about running with yours first?...then, if I find time, I could perhaps do so with yours ...

M4A1, Barret .50 Cal, M9, and Predator Strike.[/MODERN WARFARE 2]

Oh, you meant in real life. Actually, predator strike works surprisingly well but has foreign relations issues.
Ever wondered why there are "foreign relations issues" ? Btw, what of the civilian populations?

But today it seems that Whites, Christians, and Jews are being attacked.
Many others could say so as well, I believe...which takes us, in part, back to the initial question: what "common sense" are you talking about?
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