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Originally Posted by Darth333
Ever wondered why there are "foreign relations issues" ? Btw, what of the civilian populations?
Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Curious. I'm trying to figure out just why you respond like this to...pretty much anything military or arms related, even if it is such obvious sarcasm. Touchy subject for you? With all due respect of course.

If it's deeply personal, you can PM me on it if you wish.
I would not answer for the Dark Lady, but for myself, I am personally angered by anything arms or military related, because with all due respect to the soldiers that survive it, war is still a little too distant and impersonal for me in the modern age. [I am not denying that it is very personal to take home less than your whole body, or to have psychologically had to deal with what your job was and what you saw doing it]. So talk of fancier arms, fancier defenses, is all chest thumping and Country Club old boy-ism in my eyes. I feel strongly that we should have to go to war in loinclothes, mano a mano, like god intended. We would have far less bloodshed, and better TV. Of course, I like fistfights. More honest. The combatants have an actual personal interest in what's at stake.

I find talk of military superiority and arms races of the same nature as the American Condition of "beating the Jones'". A Sisyphusian endeavor if ever there was.

That is my common sense on this particular subject. That is the thread concept right? Make Common Sense Common Again? Well, I call that common sense. If anyone agrees with me 100% then it actually is common.

Common Sense in the political buzzword FOX PHRASE (tm) of the Week is just another talking point to nowhere.

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