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excellent here's mine:

((note: I apoligise for the size of the image))

Name: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop
Age: 46 years and 9 months
Gender: Male
Species: Turian
Pre-Service History: Homeworlder
Psycological Profile: Noble
Specialisation: Turian Veteran, Captain
Facial Identification:
Weapons: M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon, Haliat Thunder Assault Rifle (saved for special occasions)
Abilities: Concussive Shot, Overload, Assault Training, First Aid.
Biography: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop is an old war veteran from the First Contact War. He served his last years in the military as a Sergeant (in Human terms) during Shanxi campaigne. He recognised human nobility, when he was captured and imprisoned; a security officer sacrificed his own life, so he could set Tuhrop free.

After the Citadel Council's declaration of peace between the Turians and Humanity, he grew a fondness towards them. Afterward, he was offered the chance to become a High Ranking C-Sec Officer, but turned it down for a life as a Captain of a Transportation Vessel known as the Valkyrie, run by a diversive crew; pursuing a life for primarily transporting citizens and cargo, as well as Bounty Hunter assignments given by C-Sec.

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