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Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post
Anyway, is there a chance that Bastila actually left the Jedi Order before the events of TSL? It would explain why she never went to the Conclave of Katarr and became snack time for Darth Nihilus, why Kreia (and the Exile) never added her to the gathering of Jedi (either the EH or DE, though she would have less purpose in the latter), among other things.

Why would she leave the Order? One possibility: Satele Shan. If this individual is a direct descendant, then Bastila had a child, and that could be a legit reason for leaving the Jedi Order.
To be honest its all really in a grey area. As much as I enjoyed seeing her-for a very short time-in TSL, I found it kind of odd.

First off-according to the cannon version-Kotor 1 ends with the Sith Fleet dieing(like the galactic empire/episode 6) and the Jedi rebuilding. Kotor 2 starts off with like very few Jedi and more Sith. I'm curious what happedn between these two games???

That's what I mean by "being in the grey area" there are like 10% answers and 90% questions when regarding Knights of the Old Republic, sadly

Originally Posted by cire992 View Post
I have to double-check this, but I'm pretty sure Luke's last name is Skywalker, not Amidala. So... yeah. If that chick from the TOR comics has anything to do with Bassie, then someone's got some real creative retconning to do.
No offense, but there are some women would rather have their childs last name as their own for various reasons:
-boyfriend/husban has left or died
-not entirly sure who the father is

Revan had no last name, nor could he remember his life before he fell to the dark side. Although, I get the feeling that maybe Kreia knew his former idenity!

One of the shows I watch: Stargate Atlantis, this one girl has a child, knows who the father is and yet named the child with her last name. Depends on the situation.

Originally Posted by Kreia001 View Post
Yes, i am sure your theory is right, cause look what wookiepedia says:

Satele Shan has been confirmed as a descendant of a main character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Due to her surname, many fans believe that she is the descendant of Bastila Shan. It is also stated that she may be able to use battle meditation, Bastila's most distinctive ability.

It is not currently known whether Shan will play a role in the upcoming video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, because in a press release BioWare revealed that the story in the comic Star Wars: The Old Republic, Threat of Peace Act 1: Treaty of Coruscant will span the three decades between the Treaty of Coruscant and the start of the game. This possibly places Satele at an advanced age when the game begins.
Wikipedia isn't the most relyable source, you can't trust everything it says.

Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post
Maybe Revan was too big a target, and so the child took on the mother's last name.
I think this is more likely, story-wise. If there was a child, giving it her last name wouldn't be as much as a threat as Revan-plus we know of no last name or even former idenitity prior to his dark side fall =/

Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
I think he meant that if Revan was a target (of the True SIth or some other enemy), then it'd be safe to name not give his child his own last name, but use Bastila's. Doesn't seem likely, though, since Bastila herself would have been a target if Revan was one, so naming the child Shan wouldn't be very wise.
I agree somewhat here. The child-if there was one-would have to be given some last name. I get the feeling the creators/developers who came up with this character had no last name for revan so they just chose Bastila's.

That's the problem with EU, thousands of people with different ideas and not everything makes sense or is completed!

Originally Posted by Darth GSJ View Post
I know I'm dragging up this thread once more after it's been dormant for a year but I had a few things I'd like to add. After reading the whole thing, I would like to make a few brief comments on it.

1. Alot of Jedi escaped the holocaust on Katarr so I don't see why Bastila needs an elaborate story as to why she wasn't there. I can't seem to find my source at the moment, I beleive it can be unearthed in wookiepedia, but only about 60% of the order was lost at Katarr, leaving the remaining 40% to be hunted down and assassinated by Nihlus and Sion.

2. If you want to say it was a coincidence that Bastila evaded the assassins as long as she did, keep in mind she was in the ending scene of TSL speaking with Carth about helping keep the Republic safe. She likely spent her exile working with Carth on the new Sith menance, waiting for Revan's return and thus benefited from the protection of the Republic military.

3. I personally believe that the new Shan character is indeed a direct descendant of Bastila and possibly Revan. I believe this for no other good reason than it makes good sense from a story point of view. Bastila is a character we all like and can relate to and drawing a link between the storyline of Kotor and the new MMO would be smart.

4. I have personally felt that the Lost Jedi included Bastila as well as the disciples of the Exile and perhaps even a redeemed Atris. I had always assumed that if this were true Bastila would most likely become the first head of the newly reformed Jedi Council. Mostly because she would be the most qualified and accomplished Jedi who had survived the Great Purge.

5. I don't think having a child with Revan would disqualify Bastila from serving in the order. It is not a crime for a Jedi to have a child, only attachments are forbidden. If she chose to raise the child then I seriously doubt she would be able to continue within the order. But nothing says she couldn't give the child to a loving home, and with Revan now gone, she could very well have freed herself from any dangerous attachments.
(Point 1)I agree on all these points. In the original trilogy, lots of people wondered whih jedi from the prequel films survived and were just hiding.

(Point 2)Don't forget that Kotor 2 was about the Exile. How do we know Bastila wasn't on a dangerous mission as well??? Perhaps some of the assassins did find her and she defeated them. I'm sure after fighting by Reven throughout Kotor 1 and after she must of learned how to take care of herself-even more!

Besides, Revan did leave to save the lives of those he cared for. Which I'm assuming he even trained them a some before leaving! He knew the threat and that he wouldn't return, he wouldn't leave them defenseless-if you get what I mean.

(Point 5)We've seen varoius cases where Jedi have children, its not like its unheard of or shocking. And there is a possibility she did have the child adopted out. It would make sense story-wise and also remove the threat to herself, Revan and the child!

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