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Originally Posted by Kael'thas Solo View Post
Finished the game three times, twice good once evil... what I dislike is that you have to have a full bank in order to save all the people of Albion from the
. If your hero is a good character it makes it damn near impossible to save all of them... but when you're evil it's easy and if you work from the start to have people hate you, I rather think it's a waste to save them and have them love you... where as if you try to be a good guy and nearly everyone dies and the few that do survive hate your guts... hmmmm... >.> I mean really? Is anyone going to waste time playing Lute Hero or any other profession until they reach nearly 10 million gold for the stuff you have to do to be a good king and to keep the treasury full? Probably not... it gets boring. That is really the only complaint I have about Fable III.
I played Lute hero until i could buy enough properties to get an income of about 100000 per 5 minutes. Its not that hard really. I havent finished the game yet though, but whenever i go and do some quest i come back to the castle with 500k of spare gold and i just dump it into the treasury...

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