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Originally Posted by Drunkside View Post
I played Lute hero until i could buy enough properties to get an income of about 100000 per 5 minutes. Its not that hard really. I havent finished the game yet though, but whenever i go and do some quest i come back to the castle with 500k of spare gold and i just dump it into the treasury...
Yea, it was easy. It would have been even simple to do it the first time if
If Id have known one year was not really one year in Albion time or what quest triggered the point of no return. I had more than enough gold in my personal account to cover saving the rest. Just did not transfer it in time. Second time around I just transferred everything right away and made all the good choices and still had more than enough to save everyone.

Playing a third time as a male as I still did not find all the Keys before getting bored with my last character after 46 hours.

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