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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger
No I haven't because I know exactly why: The world is not a perfect place.
Are we talking missile strikes into terrorist cells in civilian areas or missile strikes into militant bunkers? Either way, it's pretty precise but there's always the chance of killing innocents in the process. Such is war, and that's the sort of decisions the Military makes. Never suggested it was easy.
Exactly, we should never try to fix or prevent things because it's impossible to be perfect.

Originally Posted by Har
Uhhh, there's a reason why I said the 1940s. The 1940s was the start of what we have today as far as how our society works, but people have taken our mechanics and turned it against us and that's why we are where we are today.
You do realize the 40s were the burgeoning of the progressive menace you so despise?

Originally Posted by Har
You're exactly right. For some reason politicians believe that if they enact a bill what just happened can never happen again. But the laws of economics are like the laws of nature, they cannot be altered, added, or removed; they are permanent.
There are no unalterable laws of economics. We started as hunters and gatherer and now we have a global economy.
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