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A couple of new previews with some interesting details.

1. The weapon-switching system has changed since the D-Pad style E3 version. Now it seems to be a numbered dial. Return of the toolbelt? Neither version is final yet.
2. The "opening video" of the game takes place a few hours into the game. Curiously, it was said before that the game will feature no FMV sequences and will only have in-engine cutscenes. Either the guy who wrote that is confused or EM is doubling back again. Also apparently, Megan - the scientist who's captured was Adam's ex-girlfriend.
3. You get experience points for winning verbal fights and scoring headshots. These points build up to a level up Praxis point, which lets you upgrade augmentations.
4. The ever-elusive hacking minigame is described this time as a territory-control game of tug-and-war.

And now, some new footage with the HUD! Remember that it's far from final right now, so some of the elements might even be just placeholders.

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