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Originally Posted by TimBob12 View Post
The quests are :
  1. The Missing Supplies [100%]
  2. The Missing Officer [97%]
  3. The Missing Weapon [10%]
Originally Posted by TimBob12 View Post
I have virtually finished the second quest now although before I start the final quest I want to know that there will actually be enough people interested. Currently I have one person who appears as if they want this mod to come out. If I don't get enough interest I may just move onto a different slightly bigger mod.
Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
I will caution before you start building into these lost modules to release the version you have if it completes your original vision and then go onto these which can be a version 2.
That's a good idea. If you release the first three missions, it might help you get an idea of how many people are liking your work. It could also act as a bit of an audition for yourself; other modders might get more interested in helping out once they've seen what you can do. Besides, getting something done feels good, and the user feedback and critiques can help a lot to improve your next project.

For a version 2, you could either change the original three quests to use the new modules, or leave them as-is and make completely new quests to use the new ones.

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