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Character 1

Name: John Marston

Age: 38 years

Gender: Male

Species: Quarian

Pre-Service History: Alliance Corsair

Psychological Profile: Content

Specialization/Occupation: Hired Body Guard

Facial Identification:

Weapons: M-96 Mattock Heavy Rifle, M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun, M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol


There are few men who, after meeting John, would ever be able to tell that he was a Quarian. Born on the streets of Omega to a family that died shortly after, John lived a hard life. Orphanages were bad on Omega, but being a Quarian meant that his life was ten times worse than any other child. He was given "special" treatment for his natural condition and beaten and tormented by the other children when the overseers weren't around. The only other Quarian, a girl of the age 15, disappeared when John was eight and was found dead in a gutter weeks later. When John was nine, he snapped. He beat one of his tormentors to death while the other children watched in horror. John ran away that day, overwhelmed by guilt and fear.

John ran away, but the other children didn't simply forget them. While the authorities were still sorting out what had happened, some of John's enemies slipped away and hunted him down. They found him and hurt him. The Quarian would have died that day if Jack Marston, a missionary from Earth, hadn't intervened. Jack Marston scared off the children, took John in and nursed him to health. John would help Jack for the next couples months in traversing Omega, occasionally having to avoid other children, before ultimately going back to Earth with Jack.

Jack and his wife adopted John. They both taught John personally in everything from politics to religion to economics and social issues. John was raised as a human being, exposed people who were kind and gentle to him in ways he'd never known, and ultimately let go of almost everything Quarian about him. Well, almost everything.

John, from the time he first left Omega, had a desire to see the stars. He wanted to travel the galaxy and meet new people, but at the same time be packing an assault rifle when he did. Though Jack didn't like it, the missionary accepted and encouraged the Quarian's decision to join the Alliance at the age of 17. Initially the Alliance were unsure as to whether or not they would, or could, accept him, but eventually they decided to allow him to enlist in the Corsairs instead of the standard military.

The Corsairs were good to John. He got to see the galaxy, put bad guys in their places and meet wonderful people. He knew people who were still dissatisfied with the freedom afforded the Corsairs, but he didn't care for them much. He was just happy to be up and about, and tried to visit his parents all he could.

Eventually, John retired from his position after twenty years at the age of 37. He had a good run, and decided to take up some extra freelancer work as a body-guard for the Valkyrie while he decides what he wants to do next.

Character 2

Name: Selia Tarken

Age: 250 years

Gender: Female

Species: Asari

Pre-Service History: Asari Engineering Core

Psychological Profile: Impatient

Specialization/Occupation: Engineer

Facial Identification:

Weapons: M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol


Selia Tarken is a relatively average Asari with a impatient personality. A birth trait that rendered her skin black and her eyes red, something that sometimes throws other Asari, and generally other people, off. She enlisted in the Asari Engineering core as soon as she came of age. She serves in the core for a couple hundred years before deciding that the job as a whole, with its pay and work environment, sucked. Selia decided to go as a freelance Engineer until she was hired on as a mechanic for the Valkyrie, where she resides now.

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