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Well, I'm not really good speaking english, but I'll try. :/

First of all, thanks to the team that create this patch. A few days ago a friend of mine told me about this Restored Content Mod, 'cause I recomended him to find the KOTOR 2, and told him that I was disappointed for the content that was ignored or cutted.

Well, I download the version 1.5 once I read that it's compatible with the spanish KOTOR 2. The I install the mod in the same folder the game was. When I execute the game, it show me the personalized menu of the Restored Content. I select "Juego" (Game or play), and everything ok: I see the LucasArt animation, the Obsidian Animation, and the screen with the three characters (the female miraluka, and the two villain), but when my game it's going to show me the menu to select new game, or load game, etc, I got an error. Windows tell me that an error was detected and the program must be closed.

Some idea about how can I fix this problem? :S

And once again, I apologize for my primitive english, I understand it when I read it, but I'm not used to speak it or write it, my native lenguahe it's the spanish.
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