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Alright, here's mine

Name: Sergeant Major Francis "Frank" McDowell

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Pre-Service History: Homeworlder

Psychological Profile:

Specialization/Occupation: Spec Ops commander, though he is especially skilled in unarmed combat and weapons mastery(being able to pick up just about anything, and kill everything).

Facial Identification:

(Yes, I know)

Weapons: M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon, Combat Knife, HMWA Master Assault Rifle (Spec-Ops issue silencer equipped)

Biography: Frank McDowell has almost as many medals as he has recorded kills(a great deal), as he was with the Human Alliance as far back as the First Contact War. In fact, his platoon was perhaps one of the most effective during the retaliatory action against Turian forces, contributing to the result of a three-month war instead of a six month one. He then built an illustrious special operations career from this first experience. Many of these are completely unknown, and will most likely never be revealed as long as the Human race is allied with any alien races. However, it was the First Contact War's brutality plus his experience in the 'field' against Turian forces that caused him to become prejudiced and began to despise alien races. Only a select few aliens have ever garnered his respect, most notably, Krogan Warriors....or rather what was left of them. He would continue as Spec Ops soldier until his deactivication (Alliance soldiers working Black Ops operations are never retired, only placed on 'hold') 3 years before the first encounter with Sovereign.

He was reactivated during the Sovereign crisis where he was tasked with investigating the Turian and Salarian responses to the widespread panic caused by the appearance of the Reapers. However, this was short-lived, especially after Commander Shepard's task force was formed, which permanently side-lined Frank's operation. He wouldn't see any military action until the info on the Omega 4 relay was released by an unknown source to them.

Frank was transferred to the newly formed 'Alliance 8' Special Task force and was an assigned 'lone wolf' on Omega.

you very much
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