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Post Well THIS should get leXX to shut up...

So I am sick of my phone. I have tapped into the wonderful world of having the net at my finger tips, and my current phone is showing signs of limitations:

While it served it's purpose...just ain't doing it for me anymore...

So I have some questions before I go with the I-phone.

1. Do I HAVE to use I-tunes? Really?
Personally hate I-tunes. My computer hates I-tunes. I-tunes is teh Devil.

2. Will it download mp3s from sites such as
I am thinking of just dumping my Zune and running with just one device to make things more simple. I was going to go with a 32GB model so I can rock my mp3s and podcasts and keep it all on one device.

3. 3GS or I-phone 4?
Friends at work say go with the older model. Also, is "refurbished" a bad thing? I was leaning towards a Refurbished 32GB 3GS. Right now AT%T is selling a refurbished one for about $149.

Prices have come down, and while I mostly text more than anything, I can easily go with a lower rate than the one I have now.
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