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Name: Zack Hudson
Alias: Null
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Pre-Service History: Spacer
Psycological Profile: A self-centered gun for hire
Specialisation/Occupation: Vanguard, Freelancer
Facial Identification:

Weapons: M-27 Scimitar Shotgun, M-5 Phalanx
Abilities: Charge, Pull, Slam, Shockwave
Biography: Zack Hudson is the son to Colonel Jack Hudson of the Alliance. He wanted his son to not only be like his old man, but better. He wanted the perfect soldier, however Zack's mom would not allow this. Unfortunately, Zack's mother died when he was seven. This allowed his father to continue with his plan. Zack was given some drugs as well as cybernetics to make him a lethal force. This wasn't good enough for his father. He exposed Zack to Element Zero, in order to give him biotic abilities.

Zack finally snapped and attacked his father, severely injuring him. He fled from his father and began to travel around. He figured if he kept moving, his father wouldn't be able to keep up. Eventually, he realized he'd have to make a living if he wanted to survive. He could think of no other job other than becoming a gun for hire. Killing was all Zack really knew how to do.

Years went by and Zack become known as the mercenary Null. Under a new alias he was free from his father and able to do whatever he wished. He eventually formed a team of mercs, with him being the only human. The group lasted for a few years, until an incident with Cerberus. This only caused Zack to despise his race even more.

He's now on the ship known as the Valkyrie, hoping to find some work in Omega.

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