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Originally Posted by starkiller1157 View Post
Then why rebuild in Kotor 2? As soon as you find all the Jedi its all new? If what you're saying is true to avoid Nihilus, then there would be no point in rebuilding in Kotor 2, right?

Not only that, but then where did the Jedi continue training after the events of Kotor 1? Did they go somewhere else?
I wouldn't say its all new after you find all the masters in K2. You still have interior collapses, along with various other problems with the academy itself. They wouldn't have known about Nihilus after the events of K1, but once Jedi started disappearing as they had before the events of Kattar, then Dantootine would've been a target, if it was a functioning Academy.

And the Enclave on Dantooine wasn't the only one. Few a probably hidden(such as the one on Telos), but the Jedi High Temple on Corescant is well known. When exactly they might've abandoned that one, I can't be sure.

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