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Originally Posted by Doomie View Post
I'd just like to point out that the opposite of anarchy isn't communism, it would probably be totalitarianism, and those aren't the same thing. In fact, it is my understanding that the ultimate goal of communism is something not too dissimilar to anarchy, with the elimination of the ruling class and the communal ownership of resources and all that.
Interesting catch, although I am not 100% sure about your analogy, Doomie.

Big Gov -> Small Gov = Communism -> Anarchy is harIII's argument.
= Totalitarianism -> Anarchy is yours.

In anarchy, nobody rules nuthin'. Yeehaw, wild wild west style.
In a totalitarian regime, Kim Jong Il sings about loneliness. So rohnree.
In a commune, everyone rules.

I personally would argue that real communism and anarchy are close to the same thing. Governments that have been labeled as communist in the past have been far from what the concept was supposed to be. The problem with communism is that people are inherently s-bags and cannot help themselves to more pie than they are due. So abuse of power happens..... just like in our capitalistic government! S-bags know no foreign land, they are everywhere, they are hard to stop, and must be dealt with harshly at any opportunity presented to you. If someone is dirty they should go down. That is another piece of my common sense.

If your perception of the world depends on a nationalistic belief that your flavor of political representation is the best and should be the model, you have never used your mind other than as a recording device.

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