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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
You cannot release this mod without th author's permission. And AVol is AWOL
Well, actually there's nothing stopping anyone from publicly releasing this on other sites, but for just giggles I'll assume you're talking about Kfiles.

I did some reading and came up with this:

Originally Posted by Kfiles FAQ
Q: What if I can't get in touch with an author to receive permission?

A: This has come up several times, and after some discussion we decided that if you can prove you tried reasonably to acquire permission, we will post the file. You still must adequately credit the original author and include that file's read-me. "Reasonably" means that you must make a valid effort to get in touch with the author. Sending an e-mail out on Monday and then requesting the file be posted on Tuesday because you could not get in touch with the author won't work. It is also important to note that if the missing author returns at some point and request the file be removed, we will remove it.
I would assume that since members have attempted to contact Avol and he hasn't responded, his mod would fall under this rule?
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