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All right, after nearly a thousand years, here's my character sheet!

NAME: Quirinius V'tala
AGE: 200
GENDER: Female (oddly, considering her first name)
PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Diplomat (again, oddly, considering her heritage)
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Suave, secretly quite a gambler
SPECIALIZATION/OCCUPATION: Shock Trooper (esp. slows down time)
APPEARANCE: As Shiala in ME1, with Liara's lighter skin tone/no tattoos

BACKSTORY: Quirinius V'tala was named directly after her father, a krogan lieutenant who had a fondness for exotic locales (and exotic women). Consequently, she inherited his fighting ability and quite a bit of his mouthy nature! However, she has a softer side, especially for noble males of any species. More than anything, Quiri wants to stop the Reapers, but that doesn't mean she'll let ends justify means if those means are brutal.

EDIT: I'd like Quiri to meet all of you on Omega Station, and be "won" out of a high-stakes gambling game where the loser becomes the winner's slave! I'm hoping the Captain will kick my unscrupulous opponent's butt...

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