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Name: Thiyan Al'Taru

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Species: Drell

Pre-Service History: Spacer.

Psycological Profile: Wandering loner with a past (more or less). Patient, cautious, thoughtful and quiet, with unpredictable streaks of rashness and unpredictability.

Specialisation/Occupation: Tracking, bounty hunting, assassination.

Facial Identification:

(tried to change him from thane - original here)

Kassa Locust SMG, Viper sniper rifle.

Abilities: Tactical Cloak, Adrenaline Rush, Electronics, Assassination.

Biography: His life has been defined by loss, and he has spent the whole of his adult life since age 15 wandering the galaxy after leaving the Drell mid-way through his compact - an extraordinary thing to do. In his time wandering the stars he has seen as much of the galaxy as anyone in his relatively short life-span, and seen many things both wonderful and terrible. He first went to Omega and has since used it as a 'base' picking up odd-jobs and booking passage to other worlds from any ship captain who will take him (most recently the Valkyrie).

His parents lost their family in the declining Rakhana, and then were themselves killed in a pirate attack in a remote system on a trading mission. The orphaned Thiyan then adopted his wandering ways, only once finding true companionship - an Asari named Nerala. After just 2 years this relationship too was lost, though not through death this time, rather a parting of ways and divergence of personalities. This was 8 years ago; Thiyan has been alone ever since and is most comfortable on the wild fringes of space, unexplored worlds. He is particularly at home in dry or desolate worlds, but is at home in wilderness or decaying worlds of any sort, and has a particular fascination with post-civilisation worlds. He would probably make an excellent spectre if he showed any indication of concern about galactic wellbeing.

He is soft-spoken, with the deep, textured voice characteristic of the Drell, with swirling tattoos covering one side of his face. His journey on the Valkyrie was one with no destination - he was simply wandering, and was caught up in the events that followed...

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