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((Was somewhere guys. Sorry I took long. >< ))

"Maybe theres a good reason why she's taking your shipments; your not exactly the type of person whom distributes baby bottles to human colonies. For all I know, she could be doing everybody else a favour..." Reaper crossed his arms. "I want to know whats in the shipments, if I am going to bother helping you."

Rav grinned. "Well, since you were my best bounty hunter, lad... I'll tell ya. My boys and I are trying to trade weapons and supplies with the Imperials of Marasiah Fel's Empire. Ya know her father died by the hands of Darth Sethos, right? So, we try to be... supprotive. Convince ya, boy?"


"So tell me Lyna" he said as they walked "Are you able to do what is necessary to win? To defeat you enemy?"

Lyna walked in front and looked down. "Yes. I had training with Master Tapps and a few friends of his. But it's not about winning. It's about how much effort you put into winning." Moments later, they finally reached Justice.

"I really want to rid Sethos. But... would the old Lyna kill her own grandfather?" She sighed, and opened the ramp.

(Meanwhile, in the Netherworld...)

The spirit of Lyna sat on a rock, thinking.

"What is it, my child?" her mother, Sasha, asked.

Lyna shook her head. "There was a woman... who tried to contact me. A living woman. But... I felt something wrong. So I fled. As if... a distrubance in the Force called to me..."
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