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Isaac just continued to follow Lyna, not really paying attention to their exact current location. All Isaac could do was shake his head at her response, she obviously had more to learn than she realized. Hopefully her head wasn't as thick as others like her. hopefully she was one willing to learn, to absorb the knowledge others were willing to pass on to her. If not then she was surely doomed to repeat the mistakes of the life before.

"Effort is one thing. But it also takes drive and motivation. If you do not have to will to do what is necessary then you will fail, and you will die." Isaac said to her in a cold serious tone "Sethos stopped being her grandfather the moment he embraced the darkside and killed her. Actions make family, not blood."

Taking a deep breath in Isaac slowly released it through his nose as he closed his eyes trying to find his composure once again. His annoyance he could feel was growing a little. You can't always protect the ones you love, and you can't always save everyone. sacrafises are necessary this was something Isaac had grown familiar with in his lifetime.

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