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Excellent I think we have enough people to start the RP. But first, I'll post my second character sheet. (EDIT: I forgot to mention; you may list talents/abilities within your bio sheets) We'll start the RP maybe by the end of the week: its nearing the end of my uni course, and I have assignments to submit haha

Name: Tom Ulrich

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Pre-Service History: Colonist, Biotic Student

Psycological Profile: Stern

Specialisation/Occupation: Sentinal, Tech Specialist

Facial Identification:
Talents: Shockwave, Tech Armor, Electronics, Overload

Weapons: M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol, Solokov Shotgun, Omni Tool

Biography: Tom Ulrich was a colonist whom grew up on Eden Prime, before the attack from Saren and the Geth. Born as a utero human biotic, caused by his mother's exposure to element zero, he was transfered to an academy run by the Ascension Project, to develope his abilities. Along the way, he also developed both artistic and mechanical skills.

After graduating at 18, Ulrich served as an apprentice mechanic onboard an Alliance Shipping Vessel for the next three years. After it was attacked by Blood Pack Slavers, he barely escaped with his life onboard an escape pod. Drifting into space for days, it was eventually found by Captain Qui'in Tuhrop and the Valkyrie. Feeling indebted for saving his life, Ulrich works as one of the Valkyrie's mechanics.

Captain Tuhrop also gave him training with pistols and shotguns; an essential skill when working on Bounty Hunter assignments.

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