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These characters are going to be...interesting to say the least. I should have all my character's bios up before the rp starts.

Name: Weyrloc Chiron, he prefers to be called Chiron
Age: 716
Gender: Male
Species: Krogan
Pre-Service History: Spacer
Psycological Profile: A surprisingly calm and intelligent being
Specialisation/Occupation: Doctor
Facial Identification:

Weapons: M-300 Claymore
Abilities: Healing, Neural Shock
Biography: Chiron was different from most krogan. For one thing he grew up without a clan, as his was wiped out when he was young. He was one of few that actually wanted to do something for his race. He wanted to find a way to make the genophage tolerable for all races. He figured the best way to accomplish this would be taking up the medical field. He became a surprisingly good doctor. He eventually took an interest in the Weyrloc clan as the leader wanted to find a cure to the genophage. Chiron was more than happy to help until he learned the live subjects were being used to test the cure. He saw what Clan Weyrloc was doing as brutal, even for korgan standards. He abandoned the clan and was once again clanless. While the first name now stays, he reminds everyone to call him Chiron. Chiron works aboard the Valkyrie as a doctor, where he is surprisingly happy.

Name: Rogue
Age: 3
Gender: Rogue's voice is masculine, so one could refer to it as male is they wished.
Species: Geth
Pre-Service History: Heretic
Psycological Profile: A once advanced Heretic Geth, able to function on its own.
Specialisation/Occupation: Exceptional Hacker, Geth Assassin
Facial Identification:

Weapons: Geth Pulse Rifle
Abilities: Cloak, AI Hacking, Geth Shield Boost, Overdrive
Biography: At the time of Rogue's creation, Rogue was not known as Rogue but instead simply Geth. Rogue looked like the standard Shock Trooper in the Geth army but that's where the similarities end. The Geth had learned that the others, the ones who did not worship the Reapers had created a mobile platform capable of functioning on its own. To counter this they too made a unique mobile platform that had far more processes than any other Geth. This particular Geth proved itself in any task it was given. As it was far superior to the others, it could accomplish a task that would take roughly ten normal Geth to accomplish. Until recently, this Geth worshiped the Reapers. However new data was implanted and the Geth rejected the Reapers. It now saw them as Old Machines. It was now technically considered a "true geth". However, it felt it was not worthy of the title but still acknowledged it had left the other geth. It decided upon a name for itself, Rogue.

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