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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
I don't consider New Vegas to have innovated much...

Game mechanics mean nothing when the game isn't playable.
Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I'm sure all the people that couldn't even play it because it continuously crashed to desktop or locked up their 360/PS3 agree with you. There was no real innovation, certainly not enough to overlook all the bugs. I really don't understand how people can not see this sort of stuff as an issue. That's like buying a car that doesn't run, but you're happy because it has slightly different trim than the last model. Not that you can drive it, but hey at least it looks nice sitting in your driveway right?
Funny, I've played New Vegas with almost minimal crashes. No more than I've had with KOTOR or TSL (which did crash occasionally). In fact, New Vegas crashed far less for me than Fallout 3.

Simply put, I'm not sure this is a result of engine bugs so much as graphics driver compatibility. Hell, DP, you pointed out a .dll file from that fixed that issue for a lot of people. I've also improved my stability by having Windows 7 turn off Aero during gameplay, it boosted my FPS by 10. Hell, the worse bug I ever had was a model error that trapped Legate Lanius inside a rock that I couldn't kill him from.

And also, the thing about this car is that unlike most, I can fix it. I know that it has problems, but I also know what the problems are and what causes them so I can find the appropriate replacement parts and service it. Best of all, when I do this, it runs better than the overly expensive lookalike that handles like crap but has a nice paint job.

For this sort of innovation, I look to companies like Bethesda and Obsidian because I know they are actually aiming for an improved player experience instead of mimicking it. If I want a solid experience, I'll go to Valve. Source is great from really stable, short but fun games.

So yes, the bugs are worth it. Overpriced games based on idiotic writing and overdone graphics aren't. Yes I do emphasize overt graphics a lot, but in all honesty I see that as the true problem with gaming today: a substitution of quality for the appearance of quality.

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