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Originally Posted by Darth_Calo View Post
truth. I definitely vote for Female Shepard as the canon (despite the default being a male in-game) and them casting Jennifer Hale as Jane Shepard in the upcoming Mass Effect movie. anyone? anyone?
Maybe. I'm still against the whole idea of a movie, but if they must do it, then they'd better get someone really amazing for shep.

Originally Posted by Darth_Calo View Post
infiltrator for the win. X-98e Widow Anti-Material is pure beast
Hehe, having just played through the game again as an infiltrator, i have to agree now. I died way fewer times and the Widow is, as you say a BEAST. i beat the Reaper IFF mission without dying for the first time EVER on hardcore, and it was just so fun. Sentinel is OK, but can be a bit of a war of attrition at times.

As for ME1, i just play on casual difficulty because the combat is just no fun though i was an infiltrator in that as well with my main character (who's the one in my sig and avatar).

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