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I sometimes get a little obsessed with tasks... missions... quests? I see a goal, and will do whatever it takes to reach some sort of resolution. The hunt is often all consuming and generally pretty ridiculous when framed against larger goals like working, eating, etc, and compared to the level of energy I put into those endeavors (which is not to say that "working" or "eating" haven't themselves been targets of er quests).

Grim Fandango is a PC game released in 1998 for Windows only (target OS was Windows 95/98). It's a game I always meant to play. Rave reviews and all that. But I really wanted to get it working on my Macbook. Not sure why, exactly. I have a perfectly fine desktop PC I use for most gaming, and I know it works on that. But, what if I wanted to play Grim Fandango anywhere. Well, then I'd be right out of luck, or so I thought. I honestly can't remember the impulse that shoved me along on this particular quest, but the goal was laid out.

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