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"Well, since you were my best bounty hunter, lad... I'll tell ya. My boys and I are trying to trade weapons and supplies with the Imperials of Marasiah Fel's Empire. Ya know her father died by the hands of Darth Sethos, right? So, we try to be... supprotive. Convince ya, boy?"

"I suppose the Fel Empire needs the anything it can get to combat against the Sith." Reaper crossed his arms, while staring at Rav through his helmet. "Very well... send me any leads I can chase down."

He paced around the room, processing the image of the girl in his head. It couldnt be Lyna - he went to her funeral. He witnessed her burial. It might be just a pure coincidence that this girl has a remarkable resemblance to her.

He walked towards the hologram of Rav, with a troubling smile on the pirates face. "Rav, if I find anything else other than bibi guns, my blaster will speak before you have the chance to scream for help."

Reaper cut off the transmission, and the hologram disapeared. He uploaded the details of the bounty to his datapad.
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