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As her captor had expected, Tandra was undoubtedly perplexed by what he had just announced. "Wait a minute," she interjected. "I don't even know--"

Quaver, sitting on her lap, had a better and more worldly grasp of the situation. There was a conniving gleam in his almost-transparently-clear eyes. It was one of the many things that made most human beings utterly terrified of him. "Relax," he said with a smirk. "We're not her family, but while we're on Ossus visiting this so-called Ysanna tribe, we're going to pretend to be members of her family. Ponim'?" he asked, using a terse slang word meaning "Understand?" He then winked at his companion.

"O-kay, I understand," Tandra said slowly, "but that doesn't mean I like it. Lying to people and masquerading as her own flesh and blood? I don't even know what we're after, besides Lyna, or what we're going to be after if we find out any information. For all I know, our captor's boss may be Sith!"

Quaver squeezed Tandra's right wrist as hard as he dared, making it tingle with the momentary loss of circulation. You better shut up, Tandra, his eyes said. If you're right, then he'll totally kill us--or have us killed.
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