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Xan couldn't help but chuckle at Tandra's response. She didn't know how right her statement actually was. Xan had some type of heart though. If she and her little friend did their job well on Ossus then he might be more persuaded to let them stay with him, rather than take them both to Sethos.

"We're gonna have to get our facts straight here if were gonna pull this off. First off, Tandra, you are Lyna's aunt on her father's side. Quaver that make's you Tandra's son as well as Lyna's cousin. My boss informed me that key members in the tribe are on Lyna's mother's side. The planet has just recently seen a battle, but the people were looking for should still be there. Just remember, Lyna is a dear family member to you so make it convincing," Xan said to them.

Xan was actually somewhat glad he agreed with letting Quaver come with them. Not only was the boy a quick learner, but was proving to be very useful. Tandra on the other hand could go either way. Perhaps a bit of time outside that hospital will do her some good.

"We've got about two hours before we reach Ossus. I'd take this time to sleep, you two have been through a lot today," Xan said with a light laugh as he was the cause of it.
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