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Series 3 favorites:

1. Blink.

2. Human Nature/Family of Blood. This would be in first place if it had less cheesy aliens. Maybe.

3. The Lazarus Experiment. Movie-monster horror done well.

4. Gridlock. Maybe it was because of low standards, this being a Russell T Davies episode, but I liked it. Not keen on the idea (infinite traffic), but the execution left little to be desired.

5. Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords. I would like this trilogy a lot more if it weren't for: 1. the what the **** ending, 2. yet another scene where the British government is laid to waste in some spectacularly cartoonish fashion, 3. Martha half-talking to herself and realizing she, too, loves the Doctor (doesn't everyone?), and 4. the Master not killing Martha in the street when he can in the world's most blatant plot device.

6. 42. I liked this one, actually, but tonally it seemed to rip-off The Impossible Planet.

7. Smith and Jones. It's very similar to other RTD episodes, but! But...I loved the corny "Take 'em to the MOOON" thing. The Judoon weren't all that lame either.

8. Evolution of the Daleks/Daleks in Manhattan. These felt like a bunch of ideas from other episodes (including Dalek and Doomsday), mixed together, and not very well, though I'm a sucker for Depression-era Manhattan. Objectively, it's pretty average. Subjectively, I love the "Laszlooo" she croons. The pig thing is LAME, though. Are we actually recycling that idea, RTD?

9. The Shakespeare Code. I would've liked this one more if it weren't for a million things.

10. The Runaway Bride. Nothing redeeming about this.

Anywho, onto Series 4 when I get the chance. I haven't yet found a legal copy to rent, even though I stumbled across Series 5 the other day.

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