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Got the Codex Edition in the mail today.

One of the extras in that edition is the Drachen armor.

ACII players will remember the Helmschmied armor parts from that game, the Drachen armor is a Full armor set made by the same company/armorer.

And it looks most impressive.

Haven't tried the two single player areas that came with the Codex Edition yet.

On another note...

Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
Much as I would like to play this game, and was looking forward to seeing Rome rendered for AC, I won't be buying for any platform while that permanent Internet nonsense remains in place.
On single player, i haven't been told to connect to the internet, yet.

Haven't tried multiplayer so far though.

So, i don't think there is a 'Permanent internet Nonsense'.

I could be wrong though.
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