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I have been looking for work for the last week, but I am not worried yet.


From the war of Exar Kun to pre Mandalorian Wars: A young boy rescued from Yavin IV grows to Jedi manhood.

Except for forgetting to separating word, the piece read and flowed well. The meeting with Bastila was well done.

Death of The Dying

Pre TSL aboard Ravager: Kreia has a final argument with Nihilus.

The piece flows well and we get a glimpse of the attitudes of each character. Nihilis almost sounds as if he is begging for death.

In Desperate Need of a Vacation

During TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Yeah, they need a vacation.

Splitting the Exile into a pair of women was fun, and the story is up to what I expect from DWH. Arguments, Atton not only programming T3 to speak in iambic pentameter and listening to Corellian operettas?

Pick of the Week

Unlocking the Past
Darth Nameless

Post KOTOR: On the way home to Coruscant, the crew settles back into a normal life.

The piece was smooth and fun. Bastila stopping Revan from making an ass of himself was good.

Star Wars,The Great Hyper Space Wars
Darth OL Revan

A thousand plus years before KOTOR: A look into prehistory

Problems with spelling. It’s hustle and bustle, not hussel and bussel and merciful not mercival.

The piece was a difficult read. There are so many misspellings I wanted to open an ‘edit’ portal, the ones mentioned above are only the first.

A Battle of Cultures
Lady Revan

Pre KOTOR: The baby Revan is saved by her mother and a Mando’a woman

The piece was well wrought, though the battle was confusing in a bad way, since it was too confusing to fathom.


Light Side Female Exile

Broken - Chapter 1: Halfway Gone

20Years post KOTOR: A bounty hunter captures Atton in a bid to learn more.

The piece flows well, and the characters are well formed, though I can’t see Atton abandoning his winnings.

Other KOTOR characters


KOTOR en route to Tatooine: Kids will be kids.

The piece was a lot of fun. Having a game of zombie tag was just too much fun.

Pick of the Week


Post KOTOR: An HK droid hunts for Revan

The piece is nice and confusing as the Jedi first discovers the murder scene, then is interrogated. One reviewer commented on the placing of a single line; ‘I am death’, and I agree, the placement was picture perfect.

Black and Yellow

Post KOTOR: Mission and Dustil have a slight disagreement.

The piece flow well, and the scene is a lot of fun. Dustil still angry at Revan, and he uses cunning to remove Mission from the equation.

The Terrantatek

Pre KOTOR during the Great Hunt: A Sith is upset to find Jedi are killing his target.

The piece drags a bit, spending too much on painting the scene and not enough on the characters.

The Kidnapping of Shen Matale
Revan’s Pet Duck

Pre KOTOR: Shen Matale is kidnapped

The piece is well wrought, but a bit confusing.

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