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I've been calling the TSA the Transportation Stupidity Agency for years. That passel of clowns hasn't the slightest clue about what their doing. I'm more qualified to do their job than they are. (10 years of military security training ftw).

Are they out of hand? you bet. Washington is full of knee-jerk reactions and the TSA's newest "measures" are just one big knee-jerk reaction. I don't see a need for a pat down to actually touch the genitals. I suppose maybe if the person is wearing extremely loose clothing, but otherwise examination (it's called attention to detail) and a pat down of the inner thigh should be sufficient.

As for the body scanners...I've been through one and while I wasn't pleased about it I didn't give the agent a hard time. Without knowing how they work I can't say for sure, but folks who fly frequently enough could be getting a lot of radiation exposure. In the medical imaging industry in which I work (Xray, CT etc...) there is a lot of call to reduce dosage to the patient. I'd be curious to know what kind of dose those things put out.

There is a Florida congressman, whose name slips my mind atm, that is calling for airports to privatize security and cut out TSA agents all together. Unfortunately that wouldn't eliminate the goofy procedures, but perhaps it would eliminate some of the attitude problems and "power hungry" government workers.

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